Control Panel


The Enterprise Control Panel is used to manage installation level settings for your DeepSource enterprise installation. The following sections are available under it:

  • User management

    Manage all users across all teams in your DeepSource enterprise installation.

  • License

    Manage and monitor license usage across your DeepSource enterprise installation.

  • Installation management console

    Manage your DeepSource Enterprise installation.

  • Enterprise help center

    Reach out to the DeepSource team to resolve issues or ask questions on a priority basis.

  • Enterprise overview (Coming soon)

    Get a bird's-eye view of your DeepSource enterprise installation.

  • Reports & insights (Coming soon)

    Get in-depth reports and insights on how DeepSource is being used across your installation.

  • Policies (Coming soon)

    Set and monitor global policies governing how DeepSource is used across your organization.

  • Audit logs (Coming soon)

    Monitor audit logs of all events across teams in your Deepsource enterprise installation.

How to access Enterprise Control Panel

Only DeepSource Enterprise Admins can access the Enterprise Control Panel. To set a user as such, please follow the given steps:

  1. Open your Kotsadm.
  2. Go to the Config section and search for the DeepSource Enterprise Admins section.
  3. Enter email IDs of users that should be set as admins in comma-separated format.
  4. Once done, save the config and deploy the updated version.
  5. The users set as admins should be able to access the Enterprise Control Panel by clicking on Control Panel in their sidebar.