Enterprise Upgrade Guide

Upgrade: v3.15.0

This page contains the list of deprecations and important or breaking changes for DeepSource Enterprise Server 3.15.0 compared to 3.14.11. Please read it carefully.


Job Cleanup

Analysis jobs are created in the atlas-jobs namespaces. Jobs once Completed or Failed need to be cleaned up so that the respective Kubernetes pods don't take up valuable resources on the nodes. To automate this cleanup we've updated the existing version of kube-janitor a service that cleans up Kubernetes job resources in the atlas-jobs namespace. Since there would already be many analysis jobs piled up in the cluster, please run the following command to clean up the respective jobs before upgrading:

$ kubectl delete jobs -n atlas-jobs --field-selector status.successful=1

NOTE: This will delete all Kubernetes jobs in the atlas-jobs namespaces that have successfully completed. After the upgrade kube-janitor will automatically take care of this.

Taints and Tolerations

DeepSource Enterprise Server 3.15.0 adds support for integrations with Slack and Jira for sending push notifications. A new Kubernetes deployment hermes has been added to support these integrations. The updated version of kube-janitor is deployed as a Kubernetes CronJob. For users that make use of taints and tolerations running DeepSource Enterprise Server in their existing Kubernetes cluster and not in the embedded cluster, taints and tolerations will have to be added via kustomize for both these services. Please refer to Patching with Kustomize.