DeepSource Metrics is a feature that provides valuable insights into your codebase — you can easily identify coverage metrics and historical trends, which can help you prioritize and address issues effectively. DeepSource Metrics helps you gain a better understanding of your codebase so you can make informed decisions to improve its overall quality.

To view repository metrics, head over to the Metrics tab in the dashboard.

The Metrics tab displays essential code metrics, including charts that demonstrate how each metric has evolved over time and whether they exceed or fall below the defined threshold.

Condition coverage

Condition coverage refers to the proportion of logical conditions in the source code that are covered by tests, expressed as a percentage.

Composite coverage

Composite coverage is a metric that calculates the weighted average of the coverage of executed lines, conditions, and branches by the tests in the source code.

Branch coverage

Branch coverage is a measure of code coverage in a repository that includes the branches present in the code.

Line coverage

Line coverage is a measure of code coverage in a repository that excludes the branches in the code.

Documentation coverage

Documentation coverage measures the degree to which your application code is documented, allowing you to track and improve the comprehensiveness of your code documentation.

External dependencies

The External Dependencies metric denotes the overall count of third-party dependencies employed in the repository.