Run first analysis

Once DeepSource is installed on your VCS, you can run your first analysis on one of your repositories.

  1. Select a repository you want to activate. Doing this will configure continuous analysis with DeepSource on every pull request and will give you a dashboard to keep track of the repository’s code health.

  1. Check the types of issues that are most important to you. DeepSource detects code health issues across categories like anti-patterns, bug risks, coverage, performance, security, style, type check, and documentation. Note that you can always change these settings later.

  1. DeepSource will automatically detect which Analyzers are most relevant to your repository based on its composition. We have Analyzers for static code analysis that work with most of the popular programming languages out there to help you fix thousands of code-quality issues. You can find information about all our Analyzers in the Directory.

  1. The initial run will analyze all files in the repository to create a baseline of the existing issues — so it can take a few minutes depending on how big your repository is.

After your first analysis is complete, you’ll be directed to the repository’s dashboard — which serves as the single source of truth for your code health and helps you identify what action needs to be taken to improve it.

What’s Next